Video 9. The Structure of Intuition

In this video Jevon teaches you the structure of intuition. You will learn how to sharpen your sensory acuity and calibration skills, so that you can make clear distinctions in unconscious communication. You will discover how people say what they really mean below their level of conscious awareness.

By applying the skills that are taught in this video you will improve your ability to decode the physiological and tonal signals that form 93% of of all human communication. You will also improve you ability to trust your own inner impulses and gut feel – a priceless skill for greater personal excellence.

Most intelligent people now realise that trusting one’s intuition delivers more satisfying results (personally and professionally). But most people don’t know how to consistently decipher their intuitive messages. In this video you will find out how you can see, hear and feel more than you think you can!

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Review Questions:

1. What was your greatest learning from this video?

2. Which area(s) of your life can be improved by applying what you’ve learned from this video?

3. What steps will you take to implement your learnings from this video in order to make positive changes in the area(s) of your life stated in your answer to question 2?

4. How will you apply what you’ve learned from this video in your professional occupation in order to enhance your effectiveness and/or communication skills?

5. What other information have you gathered on the subject of this video that deepens your understanding of this subject?

6. How does the main subject of this video tie in with, or support what you have learned from the other videos in this series?

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