How to make this your most fulfilling year ever!


I hope your Festive Season was wonder-filled. Here’s to ensure that this year is all that you would like it to be, and more…

If you’ve read and applied what I wrote about in my last five articles – the FIND THE GAP series, then you’ll already be well on your way to creating an outstanding year. The “gap” is the master key to your success, no matter how you define success, so make sure to read or revise these Tips here.

Which way are you choosing to take this year?

To make this a fulfilling year, make your choice, take the next step, and follow the signs

It’s that simple!

There’s never a shortage of signs to show us the way.

We’re either heading where we want to go, or where we don’t want to go.

The signs let us know which track we’re on.

Positive results and good feelings – means we’re on the “right” track.

Negative results and bad feelings – means we’re on the “wrong” track.

That’s how easy the signs are to read.

The accomplishment of your goals or lack thereof – is a sign!

To keep the journey fulfilling, our goals need to change in order to match the terrain.

As long as you know where you’re going (your purpose), you can never be lost.

If you are aware of the greater purpose of your life, and you’re committed to fulfilling that, then you’re on the highway with cruise control. Remember to enjoy the scenery along the way!

If you’re choosing to focus on specific purposes in the different areas of your life, then you have the best GPS system in the universe to guide you to your chosen destinations.

Either way is better! As long as you are clear about your purpose(s).

Always ensure that your goals lead toward fulfilling your purpose(s).

Your goals can change as often as they need to, but they must be purpose driven.

Start by eliciting your purpose (for your life, or in any specific context), then imagine how you will experience yourself having fulfilled that purpose, and then allow that state to inspire any necessary action towards its ongoing fulfilment. This is a basic form of the Beyond Goals methodology that I teach in this video.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to achieve greater inner and/or outer wealth. You now have the master key in your hands. How will you choose to proceed?

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” – Albert Camus

Perhaps one of the greatest investments you could make in your life, especially in this day and age, is investing in your personal development. I’ll do my best to keep my following monthly Personal Development Tips relevant, meaningful and practical. Thank you for being part of the journey with me.

Onwards and upwards this year and beyond…

Love, Jevon

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