The first three articles in this series showed you how to find the “gap” (the space between thoughts) – your source of inner peace, joy, creativity and freedom. In the fourth article you discovered how to find your “g-a-p” (goal-and-purpose) in all types of situations – freeing up choice, flexible communication and proactive action – no matter what you’re confronted by. This article shows you the g-a-p approach to sustaining your important goals!

The reason why people fail to follow through with their set goals or remain fulfilled after achieving them is because they focus on the acquisition of something, or the stopping of something, instead of the actual feeling that such a result would provide them with.

What we really desire (our internal goal), is not the accomplishment of an external goal, but the way in which we’ll experience ourselves when the external goal is accomplished.

Good news is that the feeling associated with any goal’s accomplishment is not something that’s reserved for only after you accomplish the goal. You can experience that state right now! In fact, through associating into the state that you expect to experience at that moment when you achieve your goal, and doing so regularly, you become inspired and motivated to take the necessary actions that lead you toward achieving your external goals, as well as sustaining those results. This is also the key to activating the LAW OF ATTRACTION to work for you.

The above attitude and behaviour is a recipe for success. The following are the ingredients and method:

When it comes to setting goals and pursuing them, start by finding your g-a-p! This means first establishing your purpose in a specific context and then initiating the fulfilment of that purpose through taking the action that leads toward its accomplishment.

Start by quietening your mind (see FIND THE GAP part 1), then ask yourself:

  1. What do I ultimately want in this situation? (elicits your purpose)
  2. What will I do now toward achieving this? (elicits your goal)

It helps to envisage the fulfilment of your purpose as as vividly as possible. Step into it. See, hear and feel what it´s like to be the person who’s experiencing this. Then while you’re in this state, ask yourself question 2. And go for it!

This simple 2 step process is useful for both long term goal setting as well as for dealing with immediate challenges, including when “evil temptations” arise. Your goal can change as often as it needs to, as long as you stay focussed on your purpose. This is a basic form of the Beyond Goals methodology that I teach in this video.

Find your g-a-p in all situations, and you’ll be co-creating your experience of life, the way you want to live it, each step of the way!


Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP Trainer & Coach

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