What is HNLP coaching?

HNLP coaching includes the basic goal of traditional coaching, which in a nut shell is the formation of a partnership that helps people produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional life.

The Coach and client work together to develop a program that fits the client’s needs, values and visions while helping them overcome barriers that prevent them from reaching their personal goals.

A Coach is someone who helps you become self motivated, provides unconditional support, identifies your strengths and helps you build upon them. You are assisted to find strategies to deal with your unique challenges and guided to discover creative solutions to achieve the results you want.

Important point:

To get powerful, lasting and rapid results in coaching, it is essential that the methods employed reach and influence the unconscious (subconscious) mind. The unconscious mind houses the emotions, imagination, memory, habits, intuition, and is the pathway to the superconscious. It also regulates our autonomic body functions. It is the very core or essence of how we experience ourselves and the world. Meaningful personal transformation in coaching, results from a shift in the unconscious mind.

Neuro-science has long known that our unconscious functioning precedes conscious awareness by a 1/2 second. This means that most if not all issues like motivation, procrastination, indecision, conflicting priorities, burnout, overwhelm, performance anxiety and fear are a result of automatic (unconscious) reactions and patterns which occur before conscious awareness.

Traditional forms of coaching generally don’t have much effect on the unconscious mind. Most coaching programs available today rely heavily on conscious processing through questioning, analysis, and tasking. It’s like trying to steer a train by asking someone in the last car to change the direction of the entire train. It simply won’t work.

The International Network of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic PsychologyHNLP coaching is different!

HNLP coaching is the art and science of coaching the unconscious mind.

This unique coaching methodology deals with (and heals) the unconscious processes that are at the root of most mental and emotional issues, and it does so in a natural conversational way that makes this approach adaptable to any context.

HNLP is the study of how Mind creates reality through language and behaviour. It is the cutting-edge and evolving form of classic NLP that has arisen to meet challenges which people and the world face in this day and age.

This intrinsic approach to coaching mines and sheds light on the neurological triggers that are responsible for one’s mental/emotional states and behaviours. HNLP Coaches are trained to have exceptional sensory acuity so that they are able to read the client’s unconscious signals and thereby implement the change/healing process so that it is both rapid and sustainable.

Sessions take the form of a discussion, where the Coach assists the client in shifting their attention (direction of awareness) on various levels. In so doing, the Coach is able to elicit the client’s core presenting issue, their values driven outcomes, and assist them in accessing states of consciousness which enable the client to gain fresh perspectives and acquire new resources.

Since HNLP coaching includes communication directly to the client’s unconscious mind, sessions do not require clients to discuss any personal issues which they would prefer to keep private, yet transformation of such issues can still be facilitated. For those familiar with NLP, the HNLP Coaching Model has its roots in the NLP Collapsing Anchors technique, but applies it conversationally (including over the phone) while also integrating  HNLP Presuppositions (which can be read at the on this page).

For more information about the empowering and transformative process of HNLP coaching, read Jevon’s essay: The value of a transpersonal perspective for coaching psychology.

Two more definitions of HNLP coaching are:

“HNLP coaching is the modern holistic approach for bringing out the best in people through processes that honour the values and vision of each individual. Clients are guided to overcome the mental/emotional obstacles that prevent them from achieving their inner-most desires.” -Jevon Dängeli-

“HNLP coaching is the art of conversationally creating a context for change to occur naturally … More specifically: It is a professional, confidential relationship between two people based upon openness, honesty and integrity, with the intention of assisting the client in living a congruent and fulfilling life based upon their values, goals and outcomes.” -John Overdurf & Julie Silverthorn-

The history of personal coaching

Personal coaching as a profession grew from the interaction among the following fields: Organization development and consulting, therapy and counseling and personal self-development programs. Many self-development programs took a coaching approach instead of therapy since coaching did not have the stigma of “being in therapy”. Coaching, compared to therapy, was viewed as a healthier, more positive and goal-oriented alternative. Coaching focuses on the individual taking personal action and responsibility for his/her choices.

From its inception, NLP & HNLP processes when compared to traditional therapy, have offered a positive, proactive goal-oriented approach to the change process, making them appropriate for coaching. Using certain NLP & HNLP processes to create change could just as easily be referred to as coaching or therapy, depending on the technique used. NLP & HNLP do however have similar presuppositions and principles as coaching: The client has all the resources they need and they are at cause in their life. NLP & HNLP certainly offer the coaching profession a tremendous scope to assist clients in more rapidly achieving their desired outcomes and sustaining those results.

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“Of all the creatures of earth, only human beings can change their patterns. Man alone is the architect of his destiny… Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of the lives.” -William James-