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Birthing Without Fear audio programme

Hope for the next generation See the official Birthing Without Fear website for detailed information about this concept and the service provided by Jana Allmrodt. Type: Pain relief & stress eleminating procedures for women who want to be naturally cool, calm & collected during labour & birthing. Benefits: Helps prevent birthing related tension and anxiety as well […]

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Mindful Power Part 6

In this part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will learn the Mindful Power Meditation, which provides positive healing benefits while enhancing your emotional and spiritual intelligence. The main objective of this recording is to align and strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection. Another benefit of this meditation is that your ability and motivation to use […]

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Mindful Power Part 5

In this part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will learn how to deal effectively with confrontation and relationship issues. This recording will teach you how to quickly and easily broaden your perspective as well as shift perceptual positions, no matter how complicated your interaction with another may be. With a broader view and […]

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Mindful Power Part 4

In this part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will learn two mental skills that help you to overcome procrastination, indecision, perceived dilemmas and feelings of being stuck, so that you can enjoy more productivity, creativity, resourcefulness, and trust in yourself. Overcome mental blocks and get back into the flow – discover The Mindful Power […]

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Mindful Power Part 3

In this part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will learn powerful processes that include self hypnosis skills to direct the part of your awareness that has the greatest influence on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. A central aspect in this recording is The Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique which enables you to effectively program […]

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Mindful Power Part 2

In this part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will discover how to put a stop to the thoughts and feelings that you don’t want, and replace them with inner peace in a matter of seconds. The Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique enables you to defuse negative self talk, or the inner critic, […]

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Mindful Power Part 1

In this first part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will discover how to ‘activate’ the mental states that you would like to have and ‘deactivate’ the thoughts you don’t want! The Basic Mindful Power Technique sharpens your awareness and establishes a resourceful and creative state of mind. You will learn how to switch your […]

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Mindful Power enhances your Perspective, Performance, Passion & Purpose in all areas of your life In this unique 6-part audio programme, you will discover how to get your whole mind working for you, instead of against you. Listen to the Mindful Power introduction: Mindful Power enables you to respond to all situations with greater awareness and resourcefulness. This […]

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Facilitating a Context for Change

What if, just through your presence, the people around you could become inspired and empowered? Facilitating a Context for Change means creating and maintaining an awareness that enables people to identify their limiting beliefs while connecting with their deeper wisdom and inner resources. It also means holding the space in which healing, growth and transformation […]

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Sam´s Welt

Art: Eine bestärkende Geschichte für Kinder und wichtige Informationen für Eltern. Wirkung: Fördert die Entwicklung eines gesunden Selbstwertgefühls bei Kindern und Jugendlichen. Aufbau: 4 Titel mit Stimme & Musik Format: CD & MP3 Hören Sie hier eine Hörprobe: Überblick: Wie schön wäre es doch, das Leben uneingeschränkt zu genießen, so wie es einem jeden Menschen entspricht. […]

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Die Gedanken sind frei

Art: Authentic Self Empowerment™ Prozess Wirkung: Schluß mit dem ewigen Aufschieben! Ein wirkungsvoller Prozeß zur Schärfung der Intuition und Erhöhung der Selbstmotivation. Aufbau: 3 Titel mit Stimme & Musik Format: MP3 & CD Hören Sie hier eine Hörprobe: Nicht die Dinge machen uns zu schaffen, sondern die Art und Weise, wie wir diese wahrnehmen. – Epiktet, […]

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Sam´s World

Type: An empowering story for children and teenagers, as well as vital information for parents. Benefits: Helping children and teenagers develop a healthy self esteem. Structure: 4 Tracks including voice & music. Format: MP3 & CD. Also available in German. Click play to hear a sample: Overview: Self-esteem can be defined as the collection of […]

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The Authentic Self Empowerment Set

This comprehensive range of pioneering audio-programmes and books includes a synergistic compilation of highly effective approaches to self-healing as well as escalating your personal and spiritual development in this day and age. 7 Authentic Self Empowerment™ audio-programmes 4 Brain Entrainment recordings 3 ASE e-books  >>> DISCOUNTED 50% The following recordings and books are included in the ASE […]

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Change Matters

Imagine having your own simple yet effective strategies for overcoming the challenges associated with change, so you can thrive through change. Since you’re going to experience countless changes in your life, the benefits are endless…

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Mind Over Matter

Overcome emotional turmoil & procrastination while learning an effective strategy for goals achievement. Improves intuition and self awareness.

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