Authentic Self Empowerment

Authentic Self Empowerment

Type: The fundamental Authentic Self Empowerment™ process

Benefits: Enables you to live with greater emotional freedom and brings a sense of clarity, direction and meaning while helping you become self-motivated.

Structure: 4 Tracks including voice, music and audio technologies.

Format: MP3 & CD

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Authentic Self Empowerment™ (ASE) is a simple and practical guided attention shifting process. It helps you find direction and meaning, achieve your important goals and be motivated. The ASE approach enables you to overcome negative emotions and mindsets that prevent your success and happiness. It shows you how to live with greater emotional freedom and brings a sense of clarity and hope even amidst the worst of uncertainties.

ASE is a powerful way to change the unconscious patterns that are responsible for unwanted behaviours. It enables you to re-program your unconscious mind so that you can be more resourceful in any area of life.

This profound approach to Self-empowerment, personal development, and deep healing was developed by Jevon Dängeli after his extensive research in the fields of NLP, HNLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching,  as well as Mindfulness practices and Transpersonal Psychology.

In this recording, Jevon teaches the 8 steps of the basic ASE methodology and then guides you through a profound healing, transformational and empowering process that can have significant, positive and lasting effects in any area of your life.

This unique recording includes inductive voice techniques as well as specialized music and audio technologies which contribute to its effectiveness.

More details:

Many therapists and coaches believe that NLP and Hypnotherapy are the most effective ways of facilitating psychological healing and personal growth.  The most appropriate NLP and Hypnotherapy approaches have been combined with approaches from the Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology fields to create the Authentic Self Empowerment methodology.

Although this recording is a stand-alone product that has uplifted many people’s lives, it also forms an integral part of some of our comprehensive audio programs that are compiled to suit each individual’s needs. 2 examples of our popular audio programs are STOP SMOKING and Effortless Weight Loss (100% money-back guaranteed).

You could say good-bye to ineffective methods, excessive medications and expensive consultations. Reap the benefits of our ground-breaking audio programs in privacy, with the option of support by telephone/Skype and email. Save time, money and your sanity. Our professional audio programs work! If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll refund you.  If you would like us to compile an audio program to suit your specific requirements, please inquire.


ASE empowers people to be in control in stressful situations by allowing for a variety of responses rather than being in a ‘knee jerk reaction’ mode. It also enables the individual to decide their own outcome in any situation instead of being controlled by external influences. -Grigor Stewart, Scotland-

“Well done Jevon…another masterpiece. Your voice is just oh so hypnotic! Woke up after listening to Authentic Self Empowerment and found my body so relaxed that I could almost not move and my mind was in another world. Can’t we stay there all the time? Even though I had little sleep last night, I feel very elevated and ready for new challenges this morning. What wonderful work you are doing for all of us! These tools are truly a must for everyone seeking to connect with their inner wisdom and who want to empower them selves to live a truly meaningful life. Thank you for your contribution towards creating a True Authentic generation of individuals whom will make the future a better place for all to experience.”
-Sharon Essendrup, South Africa-

“Truly creative and intelligent thinking is brought about through harmony between your thoughts, emotions and actions. Authentic Self Empowerment is your key to achieving this”.
-Jevon Dangeli-


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When you change your internal map of reality, you change your external experience of reality too. And when you change your experience of reality, the world changes. That’s how valuable you are!

The new Mindful Power audio programme is our latest ASE release. Check it out here.


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