CD / MP3 Testimonials

 Authentic Self Empowerment

“Well done Jevon…another masterpiece. Your voice is just oh so hypnotic! Woke up after listening to Authentic Self Empowerment and found my body so relaxed that I could almost not move and my mind was in another world. Can’t we stay there all the time? Even though I had little sleep last night, I feel very elevated and ready for new challenges this morning. What wonderful work you are doing for all of us! These tools are truly a must for everyone seeking to connect with their inner wisdom and who want to empower them selves to live a truly meaningful life. Thank you for your contribution towards creating a True Authentic generation of individuals whom will make the future a better place for all to experience.”
-Sharon Essendrup, South Africa-

Mindful Power

“I wasn’t nervous and there were no blackouts! I remained calm and relaxed before and during my exams because I knew that I could use the Mindful Power technique if necessary (this prevented the nervousness and blackouts that occurred before and during all previous exams). Thank you for helping me.”
-Katrin Hacker, Germany-

 Drop the Habit

“I loved listening to Drop the Habit. As I listened more, I found it helped me get in touch with childhood experiences that are related to my anxious habits. I came up with a loving message to myself, “All is well”, that I now use when I catch myself repeating them. And I repeat them less often. Thank you! I have also listened to Cool, Calm and Collected, and it, too, is wonderful to have. I love hearing your mesmerizing, calming voice!”
-Connie Parsons, United States-

“Listening to Drop the Habit was like a miracle for me. I don´t know at what point I realized that I don´t need anything like chewing gums or candies in my mouth anymore. The dependency of having those sweets every half hour has disappeared completely.”
-Ines, Spain-

“Drop the Habit is extremely useful as I am currently working on a particular habit and experiencing success.”

-Lizette Preiss, South Africa-

Cool, Calm & Collected

“The Cool Calm & Collected recording enabled me to rise above my challenge and helped me in so many different ways. I immediately felt light and positive, and have been feeling that way since. It’s amazing! Thank you.”
-Reneé Brand, Life Coach, South Africa-

“I listened to your Cool, Calm & Collected CD with my 15 year old son.  Not only was it a wonderful (quiet) bonding experience, but we both benefited from it!”
-Andrea Mitchell, South Africa-

“I’ve had some amazing results from Cool, Calm and Collected (which goes without saying obviously), specifically in terms of my subconscious mind coming up with some lovely creative ways to tackle a few obstacles I needed to address. I use Cool, Calm and Collected for a variety of reasons ranging from when I need to relax or to fall asleep, to aiding speedy recovery from migraines (which I suffer from now and then ) . I go into a deep hypnotic trance automatically now from the recording, and always seem to start to emerge at about minute 23 without fail on track 4. I love the metaphor of standing on top of a mountain and “seeing the bigger picture”. It really works for me. I rush home every day after work and run through track four. It’s way better than a glass of wine”.

-Lizette Preiss, South Africa-

“Awesome and professional …I am delighted that you are able to produce such well researched and top quality material, and I can only say keep on producing, the world needs more of your work! I really enjoyed your recordings and naturally resonated with  Cool, Calm & Collected most. I don’t listen to it enough but when I do remember to take time to  do so, this recordinghelps lower those stress levels and engage my more relaxed states towards achieving the powerful results that I am clear about achieving. Thanks again Jevon for making this material available to me and to the world”!

-Grant Hamel, South Africa-

“Thank you again for the Cool, Calm & Collected recording. The first few times I used it, I found your voice really helpful, now I can practice it on my own. It’s amazing! I feel rejuvenated after doing it with a great sense of inner peace. It’s like a massage for my soul.”
-Ingrid Dunn, Botswana-

“The Cool, Calm & Collected process was my partner’s life savior while I was away on business. It helped him effectively manage all the meetings and deal with staff confrontations during a very stressful period. He listened to the process when going to bed which allowed him to sleep deeply and peacefully. He is using the Cool, Calm & Collected technique almost daily and this really helps him in these difficult times.”

“Your Cool Calm & Collected recording is still standing me in good staid. I listen to it regularly and it really helps me calm down and revitalise myself. I always found meditating difficult but this product helps me become still without any effort. On the cruise ship I used it daily. The job as a ships nurse was often very stressful with broken sleep patterns. 30 minutes of  Cool Calm & Collected helps me cope with anything. I often did not feel as I had been up all night, and others commented that I did not look as if I had either. Thank you.”
-Pam Stone, NLP Practitioner and Wellness Coach, South Africa-

“It is so amazing…I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to Cool, Calm & Collected and every time I “hear” something new and something different. It’s an amazing piece of work! I thank Spirit for guiding you into making it into reality for all to share in.Keep up the good work and stay connected…looking forward to your “new” inspiration.”

-Sharon Essendrup, South Africa-

”I really love the Cool, Calm & Collected recording. I completely fall asleep. I enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation and calm. Everything slows down, my breathing, heart rate and my thoughts. It is very useful, especially in our fast paced society, to be able to find that moment where you realise you are in a state of “anxiety” and to STOP”.

“Man I’ve been glued to Cool, Calm & Collected, it’s really healed something in my brain wave patterning or something. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.”

-Alan Johnson, Scotland-

“This recording is brilliant, got it just in time before I came to England . Helping me adjust to being here and actually managing to process a few things that have been holding me back. Thanks.”
-Kingsley, UK-

“Jevon, your voice is so calming and relaxing, I really have very much enjoyed listening to the Cool Calm and Collected recording”
-Catherine Biggs, UK-

Heal Your Body 1

“Your Heal Your Body 1 CD helped me cure my blood pressure… No more high blood pressure!  I forgot my medication in Mauritius and could not buy more so I took out my ‘doctor’… Your CD  – and the high blood pressure is gone!  My GP told me I would have high blood pressure for ever. Thank you Jevon.”
-Renee Brand, South Africa-

“Three weeks ago I became aware of a lump in my neck on the right-hand side behind and below my ear.  Within a week this lump became substantially bigger.  The second week it became extremely painful and  it hurt a lot just tuning my head.  The pain started to spread in my ears and in my eyes.  A lot of people thought it was cancer.
I started to listen to your Heal Your Body 1 CD.  After 3 – 4 days,  all the pain was gone and the lump much smaller.  After another 5 days the lump was even smaller and after 2 weeks it was entirely gone.  All I did was listen to your CD every night.
Thank you for sharing your gifts Jevon.  You have helped me in so many ways.”
-Renee Brand, South Africa-

“I’ve been battling to shake my flu over the last few weeks, so listened to your Heal your Body CD a few times and found it very effective. Once I focused on phlem reduction and ease of breathing into lungs…, I could actually feel my sinus clearing and my breath became deep and easy for the first time without medication. Once I focused on head and stomach pain, which subsided as I went along the process. Symptoms have been gone for at least 12 hours and now. Thank you.”
-Geertje Bredenkamp, South Africa-

 Change Matters

“Your Change Matters CD is awesome! Jana’s voice is beautiful and captivating. I feel that after hearing her first sentence, one feels compelled to listen to the end. As for Jevon, I am just in awe at what you teach but more so how you teach and spread your message. Thanks so Much from the depths of my heart.”
-Ursula Zweistra, South Africa-

Relationship Resourcing

” I love the 7 Pillars of Fulfilling Relationships work from Relationship Re-Sourcing…it is brilliant!
-Kelly Mayne, Canada-

 Mind Over Matter

“I found this recording inspirational at the core of me. It was like taking an energy tablet! Listening to it not only provided me with creative ideas, but also made me realize that all the answers I need to reach my goals are within me. I am completely in control of my successes.”

-Charlene Proctor, Child Development Specialist, South Africa-

”Jevon is clearly a master at assisting individuals to get results. The guided process in Mind Over Matter is absolutely fantastic! After listening to it I not only came out gyrating with energy but also had a clear step by step action plan to achieve my goals. This CD will bring you to a point of clarity and power in your own life.”
-Terrick Romer, Performance Coach, South Africa-

Brain Entrainment recordings (no voice)

”I’m listening to the brain entrainment music recordings at work with headphones, which has had amazing results in terms of relaxation and effective concentration. I use your products daily. I’m very happy with them. Altogether an outstanding success.”

-Lizette Preiss, South Africa-