Certified Master NLP & HNLP Practitioner Training

Expand and refine your NLP Practitioner skills and coaching skills toward becoming a Master of conversational change and growth.

A transformative learning journey consisting of two modules:

IACTM Stamp of ApprovalIf you want to take your NLP & coaching skills to a WHOLE new level and become a real expert in this amazing field of human development, then this course is for you. This training is for the NLP/HNLP Practitioner who is ready to take the next step to expand and refine what they have learned at Practitioner Training – helping clients (as well as themselves) expand their model of the world.

This innovative course simplifies complex concepts into practical step-by-step processes with tremendous scope in the “real world.” The result is a training where you will acquire refined and advanced NLP skills – effective for business, coaching, and therapy – while shifting your paradigm of change and what is possible in your life.

Prerequisites for attending this course:

  1. ASE Facilitator certification (ASE Facilitator training is the onsite module of our NLP Practitioner training)
  2. NLP or HNLP Practitioner certification

May I attend the online training only?

If you are already a certified NLP Practitioner or NLP Facilitator, you may attend our NLP Advanced Facilitator Training – online (which is a stand-alone course, as well as part of our NLP Master Practitioner Training.

How this course works:

When you register for this course you are provided with our NLP & HNLP Master Practitioner training manual, advanced NLP & HNLP training videos, NLP & HNLP audio programmes and 5 personal training sessions with Jevon (via Zoom – 90 minutes) — this is a summary of what our NLP Advanced Facilitator Training comprises. This online part of the course can be done before or after attending the 6 days of live Advanced Authentic Self Empowerment Training.

Although each NLP Advanced Facilitator Training is tailored to suit individual preferences, the assignments and one-on-one sessions with Jevon (via Zoom) typically include the following advanced NLP & HNLP material:

  • Using Quantum Physics Metaphors in healing & transformative interventions
  • Coaching the Unconscious Mind…’Beyond Words’
  • New Advanced Sub-Modality ‘Quantum Patterns’
  • The NLP Allergy Relief Process
  • Meta-Programs – understanding & working with personality types
  • Values Elicitation, Utilization, Transformation
  • New Training & Presentation Skills (Presenting Your Self)
  • Advanced Authentic Self Empowerment techniques for coaching
  • Jevon’s Personal Breakthrough Intensive format and protocol
  • And many more mind-expanding moments…




Durning the one-on-one training sessions with Jevon you will learn and practice both the classic NLP Master Practitioner content, as well as advanced NLP & HNLP skills designed for Coaching.

See our manual’s TABLE OF CONTENTS for an outline of the course content. Some of this content includes:

Advanced Language Patterns: (see details at bottom of page)

  • Beyond Words™
  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Selected HNLP Quantum Patterns: (see details at bottom of page)

  • Problem Dissolver
  • Future Sourcing
  • Neuro-Drivers
  • Foreground- Background Switch

Advanced HNLP and NLP Patterns: (see details at bottom of page)

  • Beyond Goals™
  • Allergy Relief Process
  • Time-Based Techniques™
  • Meta Programs
  • Values
  • Personal Breakthrough Intensive
  • Training and Presentation Skills
  • New & advanced Coaching & HNLP skills that enable you to facilitate core change – conversationally. This includes a review of the classic HNLP Coaching Model with the latest Attention Shifting Coaching processes to make it even more elegant.

Scroll down to see a detailed description of the above.

If you want to take to take your NLP, HNLP & Coaching skills to a WHOLE new level and become a real expert in this amazing field of human development, then this course is for you.


Our NLP, HNLP & Coach certification is recognised and approved by The NLP Global Standards Association, plus The International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors, plus The International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, as well as The European Community for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

NLP Global Standards Association

Advanced Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator Certification criteria:

NLP & HNLP Master Practitioner Certification criteria:

HNLP Coach Certification & Master HNLP Coach Certification criteria:

For more information about NLP & HNLP click here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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More about Beyond Words™

Languaging change through the quantum field:

We use language (spoken and unspoken) to define our reality and create our model of the world. The Beyond Words model enables you to use language to transcend itself. This means that you will learn how to use language patterns masterfully to assist clients in overcoming challenges and in accessing resourceful states. This is conversational hypnosis at it’s best!

More about Sleight of Mouth Patterns

A set of “ready to go, pre-packaged Re-frames” developed by Robert Dilts after modelling Richard Bandler’s language patterns. The patterns are used with any complex equivalence or cause-effect statement as a conversational belief change.

More about the Problem Dissolver

Useful for any state-bound condition and/or nominalization. The procedure is designed to dissolve the boundaries, that define the problem, back into the space from which it evolved originally.

More about Future Sourcing

We’ve all had the experience of eventually overcoming what used to be a problem. “Time heals”. Therefore it is probable that in the future we will have overcome our current challenge. This process entails the creative visualisation of going to the future, connecting with relevant learnings and understanding, then bringing those new insights and perspectives back to now! This is a fun and very empowering process.

More about Neuro-Drivers

Submodalities are finer distinctions within each sensory modality. Drivers are the primary submodalities which change groups of other submodalities. Neuro-Drivers are submodality drivers that are directly hard-wired to the nervous system.

You will learn how to change perspectives through consciously changing Neuro-Driver activation.

More about the Foreground – Background Switch

A dynamic skill to expand one’s awareness by shifting unwanted internal representations into the background while bringing the “big picture” into the foreground.

More about Beyond Goals

Why traditional goal-setting skills don’t work, and what does. Discover the structure of self-motivation – connecting goals with values and their associated states.

More about the Allergy Relief Process

From an NLP perspective allergies are viewed as a mistake of the immune system. This healing paradigm addresses the root cause of the allergy and “re-educates” the immune system. You will learn the complete NLP Allergy Relief Process.

More about Time-Based Techniques

One of the major frames which affects our perception of reality is time. Based on quantum physics, time does not really exist at the deepest level. All there really is at the deepest level is the eternal now. Time only begins to exist once we enter the level of physical reality. In the physical sciences, time was invented to measure change. Because time is a metaphor that we create inside of ourselves, we can use this metaphor to create change.

Time-Based Techniques are HNLP and NLP change techniques that use time, and our relationship to it, as the primary variable in the intervention.

More about Meta Programs

A Meta Program is a level of mental programming that determines how we sort, orient to, and chunk our experiences. Our meta-programs are more abstract than our specific strategies for thinking and define our general approach to a particular issue rather than the details of our thinking process. They are thought to be our most unconscious neurological filter.

You will learn how to identify the sixteen complex Meta-Programs and thereby gain a skill that provides a rich understanding of what drives human behaviour.

More about Values

You will learn how to elicit and change the things that are important to you (and others) and are driving your (their) actions.

More about the Personal Breakthrough Intensive (integrating ASE)

John Overdurf, the co-developer of HNLP states: “As a coach, adding Break-Through Sessions to your practice can be the single best way to kick start your clients’ progress as well as your practice. They create a context for clients to change in a short time, sometimes quite dramatically. Break-Through Sessions (PBS) are convenient and efficient. Additionally, they allow you to ethically charge higher fees commensurate with having a special skill that other coaches don’t have”.

Jevon has been integrating ASE approaches with the classic PBS protocol since 2007 and he has found that the already effective PBS is now an even more client-centered and powerful way to bring about healing and transformation. The Personal Breakthrough Intensive (PBI) combines the best of PBS with ASE to form a single streamlined approach.

One of the limitations of even the best NLP training is they can’t fully address how to navigate through the twists and turns that happen in the real world with a client. PBIs, as taught by Jevon at the Master NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training, enables you to stay present with your client and lead them effectively to achieve rapid and sustainable results.

What is a Personal Breakthrough Intensive (PBI)?

A typical PBI is conducted as a 2-3 hour session, over two days, one after another. This intensive process facilitates deep healing and core change. PBIS are usually followed with face-to-face coaching or tele-coaching to ensure the client continues to progress and sustain Self-empowerment.

The PBI module includes:

  • Pre-framing and setting-up the session for success
  • Pattern recognition of multiple presenting issues
  • Discovery of leverage points for change
  • Conversational strategy elicitation
  • Integrating the HNLP Coaching Model with PBI
  • Naturalistic and formal values elicitation
  • Tests for values alignment and unconscious congruence
  • Selection criteria for Intervention: which techniques to use when
  • How to use hypnosis to accelerate integration and generalization
  • Streamlined strategy installation to insure ecological generalisation
  • ASE interventions for deep healing and sustainable transformation
  • Advanced conversational techniques for testing your work

More about Training and Presentation Skills

Learn how to elicit learning styles, teach creatively (using the 4-Mat System), establish group rapport, present charismatically and use “Stage Anchors” to promote unconscious learning.

Become masterful at Dealing with Hecklers in the Audience (read article).

And more to fill the Space In Between…

See our manual’s TABLE OF CONTENTS for a full outline of the course content.