Facilitating a Context for Change

What if, just through your presence, the people around you could become inspired and empowered

In this podcast, Jevon Dangeli shares his recording of a live “Facilitating a Context for Change” seminar where you can hear him presenting this subject to students who had recently completed their Wellness Coach Certification Training. This seminar includes all 12 Facilitating a Context for Change practices. You will be able to begin applying these simple yet profound skills straight after listening. You are also welcome to download the Context for Change Guide (PDF).

Facilitating a Context for Change means creating and maintaining an awareness that enables people to identify their limiting beliefs while connecting with their deeper wisdom and inner resources. It also means holding the space in which healing, growth and transformation can occur optimally.

Trying to help people become self motivated, improve performance, coaching them, or applying change techniques like NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and many others, offer at best nominal short term benefits, unless they are integrated within the framework which Jevon calls Facilitating a Context for Change.

Jevon says:

“My years of travelling around the world to find  a more complete “Truth” lead me in fascinating directions that included many meditation retreats, alternative healing modalities, spiritual studies, including learning directly from great teachers like the Dalai Lama and other Buddhist masters, as well as enlightened facilitators (gurus) – from a variety of disciplines and nationalities. By the way, Truth with a capitol T means the truth of  our nature and existence beyond (but not excluding) physical form and ego desire.

Some of the teachers and gurus that I’ve met definitely have an air of – something very special, yet ordinary and certainly beyond definition with words – about them. I’ve also had (and continue enjoying) the privilege of interacting with many highly conscious individuals in everyday life, and have had the opportunity to explore and model what enables such people to have the amazing affect which they do on others.

Now it goes without saying that such people are all wise and well evolved along their own paths of personal and spiritual development. However, regardless of their chosen ways, I have noticed that there are evident commonalities which draw a red thread from some core teachings of ancient spiritual wisdom that intertwines through what some quantum physicists and neuro scientists are validating today, and then wraps around what  outstanding coaches, therapists, mentors & trainers do naturally.

Through my research and observations I have distilled 12 distinct practices that form the cornerstones of Facilitating a Context for Change. I have tested these thoroughly since 2005 – in sessions with my clients and at the courses that I present.

My experience is that these 12 practices are more than what’s necessary in order to provide a safe and supportive environment where people can find their own Truth. I have discovered that in applying just a few of them, sessions and courses become profound (for my clients and students, as well as for myself). However, because we are each unique and have our own preferences, in the Facilitating a Context for Change audio programme I guide and present all 12 practices in order for you to know how to apply each of them. You can then select and incorporate whatever resonates and works best for you.”

Note for coaches and therapists :

Change techniques are secondary! Facilitating a Context for Change enables your clients to find their own best answers within – then change, healing and growth is enabled naturally and automatically. This may be the most effective and ethical skill in your repertoire.