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Laugh away your fears

Did you know that your current physiological position largely determines how you think and feel? This means that you can at any moment change your body posture to resemble the state that you´d like to be in and in so doing access the thoughts and feelings that you´d like to have. At our NLP & […]

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Conquering Your Craving

If you have a craving for something that you would prefer to not crave, then the following skill is for you. The steps below form one of the NLP “Swish Patterns” which are valuable parts of any addiction cessation program. By using this skill on a regular basis you may be able to reduce or even […]

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Getting Motivated & Staying Motivated

People feel motivated when they have a goal in mind with a clear picture of a positive end result and a sense of excitement about achieving it. People are not motivated when what they’re (supposed to be) doing is perceived as having little (or no) relevance to their personal goals. No matter where you are […]

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How to have more fun doing the things that aren’t fun

How would it be if what you have to do, regardless of what is is, seemed like fun? People have various motivation strategies when it comes to getting things done. Some of us are more motivated by the positive results associated with getting something done, and some of us are more motivated by avoiding the […]

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Getting Over & Letting Go…

In order to achieve your goals or attract more abundance in your life, you must first make space for the things that you want. It’s our attachment to circumstances or people who no longer match us that prevents us from attracting someone new or manifesting something of greater value. Usually what prevents us from breaking […]

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Get ahead of your past programming

Did you know that about 95% of your thoughts and behaviours are based on beliefs that have been programmed into your mind by other people? The good news is that you can update the beliefs that have a negative effect on your health, relationships, finances and life. Several HNLP and Authentic Self Empowerment processes entail […]

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Get over FEAR

Fear is a good thing! You need it in order to save your life in the presence of life threatening danger. Fear is a built in reaction that fires our fight or flight mode and surges adrenalin through our body to achieve maximum physical output for survival. On the other hand, a constant fear of […]

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Treating MADness

MAD is an acronym Money Anxiety Disorder. Something many of us are experiencing in varying degrees these days.

MADness is the result of uncertainty, of not knowing what the future holds and creating worst case scenarios in our mind. We then form limiting beliefs and validate them by staying focused on all the doom and gloom around us. This results in self fulfilling prophecies which keep attracting the external evidence to match our internal perceptions.

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The Truth about Hypnosis

Wake up; Hypnosis is not about being unconscious!

As a Hypnotherapy trainer I keep being asked questions about Hypnosis which indicate to me that masses of people are still hypnotised by the misconceptions and negative propaganda which they’ve allowed themselves to be influenced by. Their false ideas about Hypnosis and their impression that only certain people can be hypnotised are evidence of the power of hypnosis and its lasting effects.

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